Reasons to filter your tap water

The water companies do a good job cleaning and delivering millions of litres of water each and every day. Each drop delivered to your home is a continual supply of recycled water that has been previously used


Chlorine is added to our water supply to kill bacteria and make it safe to use but it leaves a strong chemical residue in the water and then our bodies need to process and filter it to the best of its ability.  Metals lifted from ageing pipes can also affect the taste & quality.


When water is heated for a shower or a bath the chlorine in the water is given off as a gas. Chlorine attacks organic organisms, so when you breathe in the chlorine fumes they fumes they can attack the lining of your nasal passages into your lungs.

Drying your skin

Again chlorine is a harsh chemical and will remove the natural oils from your skin leaving it dry. This is particluarly damaging for people with eczema and other skin conditions.

Oestrogen and other chemicals

Since tap water is recycled it can contain a residue of chemicals, particularily oestrogen the man course of which originated from the birth control pill and HRT. Other chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides from farming run-off can also be in our water supply.  Chlorine is beneficial to kill the pathogens in water but not beneficial tour bodies.

Bacteria & Viruses

These can be found in our water supply when insufficient chlorine is used in the cleaning process. It is possible bacteria may be found in the miles of aging pipes which the our water travels through. Other factors are road works and burst pipes where possible pathogens can enter the water supply.

Bottled Water

Many people opt for bottled water as a step closer to chemical free drinking. Unfortunately chemicals leach from the plastic bottle into the water.  The longer the bottles are stored the the chemical leaching increases. The sell by date on a water bottle is actually for the degrading of the plastic and not the water inside.

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