Dental RO System

Opti-Systems can supply, install & service high quality water filtration systems to suit any practice. We provide a speedy, professional service to the highest standards and we feel you may be interested in our products.  Our compact bespoke water systems are already benefiting dental practices across the UK

Dental RO System

Auto-Clave/Decontamination Room Pure Water
Can be used with; Eschmann Little Sister / SES2010 / W&H / Melag / Systec / Prestige / Statim / DAC and other makes.

An under sink filtration unit providing pure RO and De ionized water suitible for auto-claves and decontamination rooms.

Dental RO provides a consistent supply via a separate tap.

Mains water is fed to the unit, then forced through pre filters and semi permeable membranes. The result is water of a very pure quality.

Alkaline Earth minerals which cause “furring” are removed.
Chlorides, Phosphates and Silicates which cause corrosion are also removed.

The Dental RO system is supplied with a portable TDS test meter to check water quality.

dental image

Dimensions: Width 330mm x Depth 210mm x Height 400mm. Weight 8kg Plus storage tank as required. Fits in a conventional cupboard or sits on work surface if required. Power Consumption: Electric model - standard 240v AC mains. Wattage <3 Amps auto shut off when storage tanks are full. Non-electric model requires no power supply. Water Production: Upto 300 litres per day. Water stored in sealed storage tanks for fast dispensing. Washer Disinfectors: Can be connected to final rinse on washer disinfectors (Will require larger storage tank) Check with the Washer manufacturer if any backflow protction is required. Dispensing Tap: Separate dispensing tap included. Maintenance: Filter change generally required once per year. (Unless high usage or reduced inlet quality) Installation: All products and fittings included. WRAS Approved non return valve. Complies with water regulations. Professionally installed. Quality Assururance Testing: Portalble meter included for testing TDS water quality. All filters are manufactured by a water quality standard member.



Q. Why do we need a Dental RO at the practice?

.A. Autoclaves/Decontamination rooms require a supply of pure water suitable for the autoclave equipment. To standard EN13060 deionised water Dental RO can provide this on site.


Q. What are the advantages of having a Dental RO?

A. There are many advantages, listed here are some of them;
-The practice will have a ready and abundant supply of water suitable for the autoclaves/other sterilisation equipment.
-The need to re order bottles/containers of DI water will cease, and no risk of running out. -Dental RO takes up much less space than storing plastic bottles.
-Going green- no more disposal of bottles/transport of the water to the practice.
-Cost saving, Dental RO purified water costs much less than traditional DI water.


Q. How pure is the Dental RO water?

A. Extremely pure, it is suitable for use in Auto claves/other sterilisation equipment.
It removes the Alkaline earth minerals which cause the fur up of the internal surfaces Chlorides/phosphates &sulphates which cause corrosion are also removed.

Listed in the table are the average % at which the compounds are removed from the water by the pre and Reverse osmosis part of the filtration.


Q. How does the Dental RO work?.

A. By forcing the water through incredibly small holes in filters and membrane.  This allows the water molecules to pass through, but not the dissolved solids & contaminants which cause Autoclaves/sterilising equipment to fur up.  It is extremely close to deionised water, and is suitable for use in Autoclave equipment.
The diagram below gives an overview how the process works;

filter demo pic

The water is forced through several filters till it reaches the final stage.
Here the pores in the filter are only 0.0006 micron.The balls represent dissolved solids/ contaminants, these cannot pass through the last filter.
The water then goes through another set of filters to reduce the TDS to zero, same as deionised water.

micros side view

Q. How can we check that the water is of a consistent standard?

A. We supply a portable Micro Siemens/TDS testing meter, so the water can be tested daily if required.


Q. Is the water to the same standard as deionized?

A. Yes, it meets standard EN13060 for electro conductivity.


Q. Which make of autoclaves can Dental RO be used for?

A. Eschmann Little Sister/New Little Sister range/SES2010/SES 2000, Systec, Prestige, DAC, W&H, Burtons, Tuttnaeur, Statim, Melag & others.


Q. Can the system be connected to Washer Disinfectors?

A. Yes, to the final rinse. This allows the system to have multi functional usage, tap dispensing for rinsing/top up autoclaves and WD final rinse. Check with WD manufacturer that air gaps are fitted.


Q. What maintenance is required?

A. Filter changes are recommended every 12 months unless you have unusually high usage, or poor incoming water quality - we send you a reminder when the filters are due.


Q. Does Opti-Systems install the Dental RO?

A. yes to a professional standard.


Q. What is the guarantee?

A. We offer a 12 month warranty.


Q. How much pure water can Dental RO produce?

A. At normal water mains pressure, up to 300 ltrs per 24 hours
If higher capacity is required, we can modify the unit, or use larger capacity sealed storage tanks.


Q. How is the water dispensed?

A. We supply a separate tap which is dedicated for the pure water; other taps can be added if required.


Q. where does the unit go?

A. Generally under the work surface, near to a sink is the best location.


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